News and Updates

  • Bharti Institute has partnered with CRB (Centre for Responsible Business) as lead partners in their    annual conference- India.  Know More
  • Exploratory field visit to Pangi valley in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh from 10/10/2021 to 15/10/2021.
  • Meeting with PCCF, Jharkhand for furtherance of work on recognition of CFR titles. 
  • Sinificant progress in activating the bamboo value chain with Ballarpur Industries (BILT) in Malkangiri, Odisha.

Agents of Change

Communities in Narmada district, Gujarat have collectively sold more than 150,000 tonnes of bamboo to Central Pulp Mills, a unit of JK Paper Ltd., over the last five years, generating a cumulative turnover of over ₹32 Crores. This business opportunity has been made possible through the provision of Community Forest Rights (CFR) titles under the Forest Rights Act, 2006. The 30 communities involved in bamboo sale have undertaken several new initiatives to build on this opportunity, including management for sustainable harvests.

Restoration Report Cards

The interactive Forest Landscape Restoration Portal allows the user a preliminary analysis of potential restoration area and population at country and continent level. The portal contains forest landscape restoration opportunity and population data from 113 developing countries broadly across three continents viz. Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The Forest Governance multi-project research initiative focuses on upscaling assertion and recognition of tribal forest dwellers’ Community Forest Rights (CFR). Along with that it is also working towards strengthening analytical evidence attesting to the effectiveness of community-driven forest landscape restoration and its linkages with formal or customary rights of forest dwellers.