Forest Governance Data Visualization Portal

ISB team is working on Forest Governance Data Visualization Portal that is already operational and will continue to be updated and upgraded. This data portal is capable of visualizing spatial, temporal and cross-sectional data. The data portal will allow users to visualize data spatially both at Administrative (state, district, and sub-district) and Political boundary (assembly constituency and parliamentary constituency) levels. Users can also generate preferential summary reports, graphs/charts, maps etc. and provide the option to download these.

Community Forest Management Portal

The Community Forest Management Portal (CommFor) is designed to allow users to collect data on community forests and users, and view how and where their community forest stands in relation to other community forests in their country or in the world.

Forest Landscape Restoration Portal

The interactive Forest Landscape Restoration Portal allows the user a preliminary analysis of potential restoration area and population at country and continent level. The portal contains forest landscape restoration opportunity and population data from 113 developing countries broadly across three continents viz. Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Project Monitoring System

The interactive Project Monitoring System presents the data collected by partners from the project sites.